Our Story

Our company began after my wife lost her job at our local school district. We were devastated and knew we had to find a new source of income to support our family. A friend had dropped off a candle a few days before and I was disappointed in how unevenly it burned as well as how weak the scent was. I started researching candles and found that soy wax was a healthy and high quality alternative to petroleum based paraffin wax. I decided to make a candle that I felt safe with my family breathing. At Sugar Creek Candle Company, we take pride that our clean-burning soy candles are carefully handcrafted and of the utmost quality. Our candles are made with 100% American grown soybean wax. Soybean wax burns cleaner and longer than petroleum based paraffin wax. Our wicks are 100% natural cotton and free of lead and other harmful metals. Sugar Creek has over 140 scents; each with a unique fragrance. There is one to please everyone’s taste